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dota 2 configs, settings & cfg

# Game Country Last Update
1dota 2UkraineUkraine2022-09-19
2dota 2JordanJordan2022-08-20
3dota 2RussiaRussia2022-09-18
4dota 2CanadaCanada2022-09-18
5dota 2UkraineUkraine2022-09-22
6dota 2UkraineUkraine2022-09-19
7dota 2GermanyGermany2022-09-20
8dota 2SwedenSweden2022-09-20
9dota 2RussiaRussia2022-09-19
10dota 2United StatesUnited States2022-09-19
11dota 2RussiaRussia2022-09-19
12dota 2ThailandThailand2022-08-21
13dota 2PhilippinesPhilippines2022-09-18
14dota 2PakistanPakistan2022-08-20
15dota 2GermanyGermany2022-09-18
16dota 2RussiaRussia2022-09-18
17dota 2IndonesiaIndonesia2022-08-20
18dota 2RussiaRussia2022-09-19
19dota 2NetherlandsNetherlands2022-08-21
20dota 2South KoreaSouth Korea2022-08-21
21dota 2SwedenSweden2022-08-21
22dota 2RussiaRussia2022-09-18
23dota 2RussiaRussia2023-05-06
24dota 2RussiaRussia2022-08-21
25dota 2RussiaRussia2022-09-22
26dota 2IsraelIsrael2022-09-19
27dota 2EstoniaEstonia2022-08-21
28dota 2PhilippinesPhilippines2022-08-20
29dota 2SwedenSweden2022-08-21
30dota 2Czech RepublicCzech Republic2022-08-21
31dota 2DenmarkDenmark2022-09-18
32dota 2DenmarkDenmark2022-09-18
33dota 2SwedenSweden2022-09-20
34dota 2UkraineUkraine2022-09-22
35dota 2United StatesUnited States2022-09-22
36dota 2FinlandFinland2022-08-21
37dota 2GermanyGermany2022-08-20
38dota 2BoliviaBolivia2022-09-19
39dota 2PeruPeru2022-08-21
40dota 2JordanJordan2022-08-20
41dota 2PeruPeru2022-08-21
42dota 2RussiaRussia2022-08-20
43dota 2SwedenSweden2022-08-21
44dota 2ChinaChina2022-09-19
45dota 2CanadaCanada2022-08-21
46dota 2RussiaRussia2022-09-18
47dota 2ChinaChina2022-08-21
48dota 2PolandPoland2022-08-21
49dota 2RussiaRussia2022-09-20
50dota 2UkraineUkraine2022-09-26
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There are currently 139 Dota 2 gaming settings, configs and/or cfg files available on Gamingcfg. The latest addition to this category is zerty dota 2 settings which was added on 2023-05-04. Visit upload gaming settings to upload and share your own gaming settings.
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