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No dvj Call of Duty 2 config description
dvj config is a cod2 config game file download. There are 1794 Call of Duty 2 configs just like dvj cod2 cfg. Overall there are 1800 cod2 game files for download. To upload your own cod2 game files, Call of Duty 2 game files, config game files or gaming files related to dvj config then please visit our Upload Gaming Files section. config_mp.cfg Is the file you will receive after downloading dvj Call of Duty 2 cfg.

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dvj cod2 in-game settings

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dvj cod2 gaming gear

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dvj cod2 computer setup

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dvj cod2 config file

// generated by Call of Duty, do not modify
bind TAB "+scores"
bind ESCAPE "togglemenu"
bind SPACE "+gostand"
bind 4 "+smoke"
bind 9 "say ^1ARE ^3YOU ^5RAGING???? :D^1:D^2:D^3:D^5:D"
bind ` "toggleconsole"
bind A "+moveleft"
bind B "+binoculars"
bind C "gocrouch"
bind D "+moveright"
bind E "+leanright"
bind F "+activate"
bind G "+frag"
bind H "\"say HAHAHAHAHA funnae^1*^4__^1*^3!!\" "
bind I "say ^6soz^3for^5owned"
bind M "say ^3YEAH^5BOI"
bind P "say -^1*^7- ^3H3AD$H0T ^7-^1*^7-"
bind Q "+leanleft"
bind R "+reload"
bind S "+back"
bind T "chatmodepublic"
bind V "mp_QuickMessage"
bind W "+forward"
bind X "openScriptMenu ingame changeweapon"
bind Y "chatmodeteam"
bind Z "+talk"
bind ~ "toggleconsole"
bind PAUSE "toggle cl_paused"
bind CTRL "goprone"
bind SHIFT "+melee_breath"
bind F1 "vote yes"
bind F2 "vote no"
bind F4 "+scores"
bind F12 "screenshotJPEG"
bind MOUSE1 "+attack"
bind MOUSE2 "+speed"
bind MOUSE3 "+frag"
bind MWHEELDOWN "weapnext"
seta ai_corpseCount "10"
seta bind "f3 name ^4[^1<^7P^1>^4]^7blade"
seta cg_autodemo "1"
seta cg_autoscreenshot "1"
seta cg_blood "0"
seta cg_brass "1"
seta cg_centerPrintY "-60"
seta cg_chatHeight "8"
seta cg_ChatsOnly "0"
seta cg_chatTime "12000"
seta cg_connectionIconSize "0"
seta cg_crosshairAlpha "1"
seta cg_crosshairAlphaMin "0"
seta cg_crosshairDynamic "0"
seta cg_crosshairEnemyColor "1"
seta cg_crosshairNoGun "gfx/reticle/hud@center_ads.tga"
seta cg_crosshairSize "48"
seta cg_currentSelectedPlayer "0"
seta cg_currentSelectedPlayerName ""
seta cg_cursorHints "4"
seta cg_deadbodyque "32"
seta cg_descriptiveText "1"
seta cg_drawBreathHint "1"
seta cg_drawCompass "1"
seta cg_drawCrosshair "1"
seta cg_drawCrosshairNames "1"
seta cg_drawCrosshairPickups "1"
seta cg_drawdecals "0"
seta cg_drawFPS "Simple"
seta cg_drawGun "1"
seta cg_drawLagometer "0"
seta cg_drawMantleHint "1"
seta cg_drawNotifyText "1"
seta cg_drawRewards "1"
seta cg_drawSnapshot "0"
seta cg_drawStatus "1"
seta cg_drawTeamOverlay "2"
seta cg_drawTurretCrosshair "1"
seta cg_fov "80"
seta cg_gameBoldMessageWidth "60"
seta cg_gameMessageWidth "70"
seta cg_headiconminscreenradius "0.015"
seta cg_hintFadeTime "100"
seta cg_hudAlpha "1.0"
seta cg_hudChatPosition "5 150"
seta cg_hudCompassMaxRange "1500"
seta cg_hudCompassMinRadius "0"
seta cg_hudCompassMinRange "0"
seta cg_hudCompassSize "1"
seta cg_hudCompassSoundPingFadeTime "0"
seta cg_hudCompassSpringyPointers "0"
seta cg_hudDamageIconHeight "64"
seta cg_hudDamageIconInScope "0"
seta cg_hudDamageIconOffset "128"
seta cg_hudDamageIconTime "2000"
seta cg_hudDamageIconWidth "128"
seta cg_hudGrenadeIconHeight "25"
seta cg_hudGrenadeIconOffset "50"
seta cg_hudGrenadeIconWidth "25"
seta cg_hudGrenadePointerHeight "12"
seta cg_hudGrenadePointerPivot "12 27"
seta cg_hudGrenadePointerWidth "25"
seta cg_hudObjectiveMaxHeight "70"
seta cg_hudObjectiveMaxRange "2048"
seta cg_hudObjectiveMinAlpha "1"
seta cg_hudObjectiveMinHeight "-70"
seta cg_hudProneY "-160"
seta cg_hudSayPosition "5 126"
seta cg_hudStanceHintPrints "0"
seta cg_lagometer "1"
seta cg_marks "1"
seta cg_marksLimit "1024"
seta cg_noTaunt "0"
seta cg_noVoiceChats "0"
seta cg_noVoiceText "0"
seta cg_predictItems "1"
seta cg_railTrailTime "400"
seta cg_scoreboardBannerHeight "24"
seta cg_scoreboardItemHeight "18"
seta cg_scoreboardScrollStep "3"
seta cg_scriptIconSize "0"
seta cg_selectedPlayer "0"
seta cg_shadows "0"
seta cg_showdemoname "0"
seta cg_stereoSeparation "0.4"
seta cg_subtitleCharHeight "12"
seta cg_subtitleMinTime "3"
seta cg_subtitlePosX "120"
seta cg_subtitlePosY "400"
seta cg_subtitles "1"
seta cg_subtitleWidth "80"
seta cg_subtitleWidthStandard "80"
seta cg_subtitleWidthWidescreen "80"
seta cg_teamChatsOnly "0"
seta cg_viewsize "100"
seta cg_voiceIconSize "0"
seta cg_voiceSpriteTime "6000"
seta cg_weaponCycleDelay "0"
seta cg_youInKillCamSize "6"
seta cl_allowDownload "0"
seta cl_anonymous "0"
seta cl_avidemo "0"
seta cl_freelook "1"
seta cl_goStandJumpTime "0"
seta cl_language "0"
seta cl_maxpackets "100"
seta cl_maxPing "800"
seta cl_mouseAccel "0"
seta cl_packetdup "2"
seta cl_pitchspeed "140"
seta cl_punkbuster "1"
seta cl_voice "1"
seta cl_wwwDownload "1"
seta cl_xmodelcheck "0"
seta cl_yawspeed "140"
seta clip "vstr clip2"
seta clip1 "Bind SHIFT +movedown ; seta clip vstr clip2 "
seta clip2 "Bind SHIFT gocrouch ; seta clip vstr clip1 "
seta cm_playerCurveClip "1"
seta com_hunkMegs "160"
seta com_introPlayed "1"
seta com_maxfps "250"
seta com_recommendedSet "1"
seta con_debug "0"
seta con_inputBoxColor "0.25 0.25 0.2 1"
seta con_inputHintBoxColor "0.4 0.4 0.35 1"
seta con_minicon "0"
seta con_miniconlines "5"
seta con_minicontime "4"
seta con_outputBarColor "1 1 0.95 0.6"
seta con_outputSliderColor "0.15 0.15 0.1 0.6"
seta con_outputWindowColor "0.35 0.35 0.3 0.75"
seta con_restricted "0"
seta demo "vstr demo0"
seta demo0 "record;set demo vstr demo1"
seta demo1 "stoprecord;set demo vstr demo0"
seta fps "vstr fps2"
seta fps0 "set com_maxfps 85 ;set fps vstr fps1"
seta fps1 "set com_maxfps 125 ;set fps vstr fps2"
seta fps2 "set com_maxfps 140 ;set fps vstr fps3"
seta fps3 "set com_maxfps 0 ;set fps vstr fps0"
seta fx_sort "1"
seta g_allowvote "1"
seta g_allowVoteClientKick "0"
seta g_allowVoteDrawFriend "0"
seta g_allowVoteFriendlyFire "0"
seta g_allowVoteGameType "0"
seta g_allowVoteKick "0"
seta g_allowVoteKillCam "0"
seta g_allowVoteMap "1"
seta g_allowVoteMapRestart "1"
seta g_allowVoteMapRotate "1"
seta g_allowVoteTempBanClient "0"
seta g_allowVoteTempBanUser "0"
seta g_allowVoteTypeMap "0"
seta g_antilag "1"
seta g_autodemo "0"
seta g_autoscreenshot "0"
seta g_banIPs ""
seta g_clonePlayerMaxVelocity "80"
seta g_complaintlimit "3"
seta g_deadChat "0"
seta g_dropForwardSpeed "10"
seta g_dropUpSpeedBase "10"
seta g_dropUpSpeedRand "5"
seta g_gametype "sd"
seta g_log "games_mp.log"
seta g_logSync "0"
seta g_oldVoting "1"
seta g_playerCollisionEjectSpeed "25"
seta g_timeoutBank "180000"
seta g_timeoutlength "90000"
seta g_timeoutRecovery "10000"
seta g_timeoutsallowed "0"
seta g_useGear "1"
seta g_useholdspawndelay "1"
seta g_voiceChatsAllowed "4"
seta g_voiceChatTalkingDuration "500"
seta g_voteAbstainWeight "0.5"
seta gamma1 "r_gamma 1.1; set gamma_up vstr gamma2; set gamma_down vstr gamma1"
seta gamma10 "r_gamma 1.55000; set gamma_up vstr gamma11; set gamma_down vstr gamma9"
seta gamma11 "r_gamma 1.6; set gamma_up vstr gamma12; set gamma_down vstr gamma10"
seta gamma12 "r_gamma 1.65000; set gamma_up vstr gamma13; set gamma_down vstr gamma11"
seta gamma13 "r_gamma 1.7; set gamma_up vstr gamma14; set gamma_down vstr gamma12"
seta gamma14 "r_gamma 1.72024; set gamma_up vstr gamma15; set gamma_down vstr gamma13"
seta gamma15 "r_gamma 1.75000; set gamma_up vstr gamma16; set gamma_down vstr gamma14"
seta gamma16 "r_gamma 1.8; set gamma_up vstr gamma16; set gamma_down vstr gamma15"
seta gamma2 "r_gamma 1.15000; set gamma_up vstr gamma3; set gamma_down vstr gamma1"
seta gamma3 "r_gamma 1.2; set gamma_up vstr gamma4; set gamma_down vstr gamma2"
seta gamma4 "r_gamma 1.25000; set gamma_up vstr gamma5; set gamma_down vstr gamma3"
seta gamma5 "r_gamma 1.3; set gamma_up vstr gamma6; set gamma_down vstr gamma4"
seta gamma6 "r_gamma 1.35000; set gamma_up vstr gamma7; set gamma_down vstr gamma5"
seta gamma7 "r_gamma 1.4; set gamma_up vstr gamma8; set gamma_down vstr gamma6"
seta gamma8 "r_gamma 1.45000; set gamma_up vstr gamma9; set gamma_down vstr gamma7"
seta gamma9 "r_gamma 1.5; set gamma_up vstr gamma10; set gamma_down vstr gamma8"
seta gamma_default "vstr gamma13"
seta gamma_down "vstr gamma15"
seta gamma_up "vstr gamma16"
seta handicap "100"
seta head ""
seta hud_deathQuoteFadeTime "1000"
seta hud_enable "1"
seta hud_fade_ammodisplay "0"
seta hud_fade_compass "0"
seta hud_fade_healthbar "2"
seta hud_fade_offhand "0"
seta hud_fade_stance "1.7"
seta hud_fadeout_speed "0.1"
seta hud_flash_period_offhand "0.5"
seta hud_flash_time_offhand "2"
seta hud_health_pulserate_critical "0.5"
seta hud_health_pulserate_injured "1"
seta hud_health_startpulse_critical "0.33"
seta hud_health_startpulse_injured "1"
seta in_joyBallScale "0.02"
seta in_joystick "0"
seta in_midi "0"
seta in_midichannel "1"
seta in_