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No nrK Day of Defeat Source config description
nrK config is a dods config game file download. There are 306 Day of Defeat Source configs just like nrK dods cfg. Overall there are 307 dods game files for download. To upload your own dods game files, Day of Defeat Source game files, config game files or gaming files related to nrK config then please visit our Upload Gaming Files section. autoexec.cfg Is the file you will receive after downloading nrK Day of Defeat Source cfg.

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nrK dods in-game settings

Resolution:No nrK Day of Defeat Source resolution found!
Crosshair Size:No nrK Day of Defeat Source crosshair size found!
Sensitivity:No nrK Day of Defeat Source sensitivity found!
Crosshair Color:No nrK Day of Defeat Source crosshair color found!

nrK dods config file

// _Set netcode settings_
// _adjusts hitboxes and netcode
// settings for optimal registration_

cl_cmdbackup 2
cl_cmdrate 101
cl_interp 0
cl_interp_ratio 0
cl_interpolate 1
cl_lagcomp_errorcheck 1
cl_lagcompensation 1
cl_updaterate 101
cl_smooth 0
rate "30000

// _Set graphics settings_
// _adjusts graphics settings to boost framerate_

dod_playachievementsound 0
dod_playrivalrysounds 0
cl_forcepreload 1 // _forces preload to help increase performance_
cl_phys_props_enable 0 // _disables trash and cans etc_
cl_phys_props_max 0 // _disables trash and cans etc_
cl_ragdoll_physics_enable 1 // _disables dead animations and bodies_
cl_show_splashes 0 // _disables splashes when in water_
fps_max 101 // _caps FPS--should match or be close to
// refresh rate if possible (for a crt moniter)_
mat_antialias 0 // _disables antialiasing_
mat_bloomscale 0
mat_bumpmap 0 // _disables bumpmapping_
mat_clipz 1 // _disabled non visible object rendering_
mat_fastnobump 1 // _faster bump mapping_
mat_fastspecular 1 // _fast specular lighting_
mat_mipmaptextures 1 // _texture quality decreases with distance_
mat_hdr_enabled 0 // _disables high dynamic range lighting_
mat_hdr_level 0
mat_picmip 0 // _lower texture quality--set between 0 and 2_
mat_reducefillrate 1 // _reduces shader fill rate_
mat_specular 0 // _disables specular lighting_
mat_trilinear 0 // _disables trilinear filtering_
mat_wateroverlaysize 16 // _lowers water quality_
mat_vsync 0 // _disables vertical synchronization_
mp_decals 50 // _how many bullets etc will be shown_
r_avglight 0 // _disables average lighting_
r_cheapwaterend 1 // _worse water rendering_
r_cheapwaterstart 1