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No kemah Call of Duty 2 config description
kemah config is a cod2 config game file download. There are 1844 Call of Duty 2 configs just like kemah cod2 cfg. Overall there are 1848 cod2 game files for download. To upload your own cod2 game files, Call of Duty 2 game files, config game files or gaming files related to kemah config then please visit our Upload Gaming Files section. config_mp.cfg Is the file you will receive after downloading kemah Call of Duty 2 cfg.

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kemah cod2 in-game settings

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kemah cod2 config file

// generated by Call of Duty, do not modify
bind TAB "+scores"
bind SPACE "+gostand"
bind , "say learn england pls ..."
bind - "say anything else^1?"
bind / "noclip"
bind 0 "say ehehehehehe"
bind 1 "weapnext"
bind 2 "weapnext"
bind 4 "+smoke"
bind 5 "say ok model"
bind 6 "say rn ?"
bind 7 "say ok noob"
bind 8 "say ok nonamer"
bind 9 "say ok random"
bind \ "say i like when my boy kemah :D ^1(^7c^1) ^7samuu"
bind ` "toggleconsole"
bind A "+moveleft"
bind B "+binoculars"
bind C "gocrouch"
bind D "+moveright"
bind E "+leanright"
bind F "+activate"
bind G "+frag"
bind H "say ^3OK ^5FANBOI^6!"
bind I "say ha ha ha!"
bind K "say cool story bro^4.^3.^5."
bind L "say don't be ^4M^5A^6D ^7bro"
bind O "say READY ^1FOR ^7ACTION"
bind P "say cu^[email protected]^7wipido!"
bind Q "+leanleft"
bind R "+reload"
bind S "+back"
bind T "chatmodepublic"
bind U "say ^1:::^7::: POLAND :::^1:::"
bind V "mp_QuickMessage"
bind W "+forward"
bind X "openScriptMenu ingame changeweapon"
bind Y "chatmodeteam"
bind ~ "toggleconsole"
bind PAUSE "toggle cl_paused"
bind CTRL "goprone"
bind SHIFT "+melee_breath"
bind F1 "vote yes"
bind F2 "vote no"
bind F12 "screenshotJPEG"
bind KP_UPARROW "vstr ffultra"
bind KP_PGUP "vstr cmdcur"
bind KP_LEFTARROW "vstr slow"
bind KP_RIGHTARROW "vstr ff"
bind KP_DOWNARROW "vstr slowultra"
bind KP_PGDN "toggle cg_thirdperson"
bind KP_INS "toggle cl_freezedemo"
bind MOUSE1 "+attack"
bind MOUSE2 "toggleads"
bind MOUSE3 "+frag"
seta ai_badpathspam "0"
seta ai_corpseCount "10"
seta ai_debugCoverSelection "0"
seta ai_debugThreatSelection "0"
seta ai_ShowCanshootChecks "0"
seta ai_showClaimedNode "0"
seta ai_showRegion "0"
seta bot_enable "0"
seta bot_nochat "1"
seta cg_altGrenades "1"
seta cg_altlightning "0"
seta cg_altplasma "1"
seta cg_ammoCheck "0"
seta cg_animspeed "0"
seta cg_autoAction "0"
seta cg_autodemo "0"
seta cg_autoscreenshot "0"
seta cg_autoswitch "0"
seta cg_blood "0"
seta cg_bobAmplitudeDucked "0.0075"
seta cg_bobAmplitudeProne "0.03"