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No dmak Counter-Strike Global Offensive config description
dmak config is a csgo config game file download. There are 4218 Counter-Strike Global Offensive configs just like dmak csgo cfg. Overall there are 4256 csgo game files for download. To upload your own csgo game files, Counter-Strike Global Offensive game files, config game files or gaming files related to dmak config then please visit our Upload Gaming Files section. dmak.cfg Is the file you will receive after downloading dmak Counter-Strike Global Offensive cfg.

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dmak Counter-Strike Global Offensive config has been downloaded 27 times.
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dmak csgo in-game settings

Resolution:No dmak Counter-Strike Global Offensive resolution found!
Crosshair Size:No dmak Counter-Strike Global Offensive crosshair size found!
Sensitivity:No dmak Counter-Strike Global Offensive sensitivity found!
Crosshair Color:No dmak Counter-Strike Global Offensive crosshair color found!

dmak csgo config file

// .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.
// . .
// . 1. Put this file in the following folder: .
// . Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg .
// . 2. After starting the game, click the Play button at the top, .
// . select offline with bots, choose casual mode and finally choose .
// . the map you want to play on. If you want to play on a .
// . workshopmap, make sure you pick casual as your gamemode. If the .
// . casual gamemode is not available for the map you want to play .
// . on, start a casual match on any standard map, then change the .
// . map by typing "changelevel mapname" in your console. .
// . 3. Join the Terrorist side after the map is loaded. .
// . 4. Open your console and type "exec dm". The .
// . name of the file should appear in the dropdown after you type .
// . the first letters, you you don't have to write the complete .
// . name. .
// . 5. Enjoy playing! .
// .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.


sv_cheats 1 // cheats need to be enabled for some of the commands to work
sv_infinite_ammo 1 // Gives you infinite ammo. No need to reload.
sv_ignoregrenaderadio 1

mp_startmoney 16000
mp_round_restart_delay 0
mp_freezetime 0
mp_maxmoney 99999
mp_friendlyfire 0
mp_give_player_c4 0
mp_roundtime 99999
mp_randomspawn 1
mp_death_drop_gun 0
mp_teammates_are_enemies 1
mp_respawn_immunitytime 0
mp_ct_default_secondary "weapon_p250"
mp_t_default_secondary "weapon_p250"
mp_forcecamera 0
mp_free_armor 1
mp_ct_default_primary weapon_ak47
mp_t_default_primary weapon_ak47
mp_respawnwavetime_ct 1
mp_respawnwavetime_t 1