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Siskacss config is a css config game file download. There are 1512 Counter-Strike Source configs just like Siskacss css cfg. Overall there are 1766 css game files for download. To upload your own css game files, Counter-Strike Source game files, config game files or gaming files related to Siskacss config then please visit our Upload Gaming Files section. autoexec.cfg Is the file you will receive after downloading Siskacss Counter-Strike Source cfg.

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Siskacss css in-game settings

Crosshair Size:2500
Crosshair Color:4

Siskacss css config file

// Siska'S Config v1.7 (CAL compliant)
// Updated for new season by CAL|Stone
// Updated 01/23/07 - Added misc settings section
//_Set Netcode vars_
rate "25000"
cl_updaterate "100"
cl_cmdrate "100"
cl_crosshairscale "2500"
cl_interp "0.01"
cl_interpolate "1"
cl_lagcomp_errorcheck "0"
// Disables lagcompensation error checking, only needed if you're having any registration/loss/choke problems.
cl_lagcompensation "1"
cl_smooth "1"

//_Set MP vars_
mp_decals "0" // How many player sprays will be shown.

//_Set Client vars_
cl_drawmonitors "0" // Disables the rendering of ingame "monitors" which contain 3d rendered images.
cl_ejectbrass "0" // Disables brass ejection
cl_forcepreload "1" // Forces the game to load all texture and model information into memory on map load.
cl_phys_props_enable "1" // Enables phsyics props.
cl_phys_props_max "50" // Maximum amount of physics props allowed.
cl_ragdoll_physics_enable "0" // Disables ragdoll.
cl_restrict_server_commands "0" // Compatible/needed with serverplugins
cl_show_splashes "0" // Disables water splashes.

//_Set Render vars_
r_3dsky "0" // Disables the rendering of 3d sky boxes.
r_decal_cullsize "9999" // Any decals under this size are not rendered.
r_decals "0" // Disables decals.
r_drawbatchdecals "1" // Enables the rendering of decals in batch.
r_drawdetailprops "1" // Enables the rendering of detail props.
r_drawflecks "0" // Disables the sparks and dirt from bullet impacts.
r_drawmodeldecals "0" // Models decals (i.e. blood).
r_eyes "0" // Disables eyes in models.
r_lod "-1" // Different level of details on models. -1 = Variable at distance. 0 = None. 1 = Minor. 2 = Less minor.
r_modellodscale "1.0" // The transitioning power of LOD.
r_occlusion "0" // Enables the Model Occlusion system.
r_propsmaxdist "100" // Max distance at which props are rendered.
r_renderoverlayfragment "0"
r_rootlod "2"