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No N4ZU CONFIG Counter-Strike Global Offensive config description
N4ZU CONFIG config is a csgo config game file download. There are 3801 Counter-Strike Global Offensive configs just like N4ZU CONFIG csgo cfg. Overall there are 3859 csgo game files for download. To upload your own csgo game files, Counter-Strike Global Offensive game files, config game files or gaming files related to N4ZU CONFIG config then please visit our Upload Gaming Files section. nazu.cfg Is the file you will receive after downloading N4ZU CONFIG Counter-Strike Global Offensive cfg.

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N4ZU CONFIG csgo in-game settings

Resolution:No N4ZU CONFIG Counter-Strike Global Offensive resolution found!
Crosshair Size:Medium
Crosshair Color:Cyan

N4ZU CONFIG csgo config file

alias "+walkvol" "incrementvar volume 0 1 0.5;+speed"
alias "-walkvol" "incrementvar volume 0 1 -0.5;-speed"
bind "shift" "+walkvol; r_cleardecals"
bind "t" "use weapon_c4; drop;"

bind "MWHEELUP" "+jump"
bind "MWHEELDOWN" "+duck"
bind "SPACE" "+jump"
bind "CTRL" "+duck"

//M a i n
con_enable "1"
gameinstructor_enable "0"
cl_showhelp "0"
cl_autohelp "0"
cl_disablefreezecam "1"
cl_disablehtmlmotd "1"
cl_forcepreload "0"
bind "f" "+lookatweapon; r_cleardecals"

//C r o s s h a i r
cl_crosshairalpha 200
cl_crosshaircolor 4
cl_crosshairdot 0
cl_crosshairgap -2
cl_crosshairsize 3
cl_crosshairstyle 4
cl_crosshairusealpha 1
cl_crosshairthickness 1
cl_crosshair_outlinethickness 1
cl_crosshair_drawoutline 1

// 4. Hud
hud_scaling "0.95" //Scales hud elements to maximum value
hud_showtargetid "1" //Enables display of target names, important
cl_hud_bomb_under_radar "1" //Draws bomb under radar, convenient
cl_hud_color "9" //Makes the hud color yellow, for banana style
cl_hud_playercount_showcount "1" //Shows player avatars instead of numbers left
cl_hud_playercount_pos "0" //Puts player information in the bottom instead of top
cl_hud_healthammo_style "0" //Reverted hud style due to hidden burst mode
cl_hud_background_alpha "0.4" //Hidden but still visible black bars, easy on the eyes
cl_showloadout "1" //So it doesnt fade out the weapon slots, very annoying otherwise
cl_teamid_overhead_always "2" //Always show team behind walls with equiptment
safezonex "1" //Screen width percentage for the hud
safezoney "1" //Screen height percentage for the hud

// 5. Radar (Optimized radar settings)
cl_teammate_colors_show "1" //Show teammates as separate colors without letter
cl_hud_radar_scale "1" //Radar size, not too big and not too small
cl_radar_scale "0.4" //Radar map scale size, 0.4 works on all maps
cl_radar_always_centered "0" //Centers map instead of player
cl_radar_icon_scale_min "1" //Minimum player icon scale

// 6. Mouse ("Raw Input" & "No Acceleration")
m_rawinput "1" //Enable Raw Input for perfect precision (Raw input is unavailable on OSX)
m_mouseaccel2 "0" //Disables windows mouse acceleration initial threshold, safety precaution
m_mouseaccel1 "0" //Disables windows mouse acceleration initial threshold, safety precaution
m_customaccel "0" //Custom mouse acceleration disabled
m_mousespeed "0" //Windows mouse acceleration disabled, just for precaution
sensitivity "2.5"
zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse "0.818933027098955175" //Fixes your zoom sensitivity to act as your real sensitivity, default value is 1

// 7. Viewmodel
viewmodel_fov "68"
viewmodel_offset_x "2"
viewmodel_offset_y "2"
viewmodel_offset_z "-2"
viewmodel_presetpos "0"
cl_viewmodel_shift_left_amt "0.5" cl_viewmodel_shift_right_amt "0.25"
viewmodel_recoil "1"

// 8. Bob (Less movement when you move around with weapons)
cl_bob_lower_amt "5" //How much the viewmodel lowers when running, set to lowest for less distraction
cl_bobamt_lat "0.1" //How much the viewmodel moves side to side when running, set to lowest for less distraction
cl_bobamt_vert "0.1" //How much the viewmodel moves up and down when running, set to lowest for less distraction
cl_bobcycle "0.98" //The frequency at which the viewmodel bobs, set to default
cl_viewmodel_shift_left_amt "0.5" //Lowers the crouching animation of the viewmodel
cl_viewmodel_shift_right_amt "0.25" //Lowers the crouching animation of the viewmodel

// 9. Rates (These network settings are optimized for high speed internet)
rate "786432" // Your download rate to the server. Max rate: "786432"
cl_cmdrate "128" //Max number of command packets sent to server per second
cl_updaterate "128" //Number of packets per second you are requesting from the server
cl_interp "0.007813" //Sets the interpolation amount, always set this to 0
cl_interp_ratio "1" //Sets the interpolation amount (final amount is cl_interp_ratio / cl_updaterate)
cl_lagcompensation "1" //Lag compensation helps by eliminating combat latency from client side view
cl_predict "1" //Skip waiting for server feedback and simulate client side movement in real-time
cl_predictweapons "1" //Skip waiting for server feedback and perform client side prediction of weapon effects

// 10. Net (Netgraph positioning)
net_graph "0" //Shows my network usage data
net_graphheight "10" //Changes height
net_graphmsecs "400" //The latency graph represents this many milliseconds
net_graphpos "2" //Positioning of Net Graph
net_graphproportionalfont "1" //Makes font smaller
net_graphshowinterp "1" //Shows interpolation value
net_graphshowlatency "1" //Shows latency value
net_graphsolid "1" //Solid Net Graph
net_graphtext "1" //Shows text fields
net_maxroutable "1200" //Requested max packet size before packets are split
net_scale "5" //Makes font smaller

// 11. Video (Video settings and FPS Boosts)
fps_max "0" //Max frames per second, setting it to 0 causes long loading times
fps_max_menu "120" //Max frames per second in main-menu
mat_monitorgamma "1.6" //Sets Brightness to highest, highly recommended
mat_monitorgamma_tv_enabled "0" //Turn off TV Mode for less off-set light
mat_powersavingsmode "0" //Disables power saving mode
mat_queue_mode "2" //The queue/thread mode the material system should use, setting this to 2 gave me an FPS boost
r_dynamic "0" //Affects dynamic lighting, turned off for more FPS
r_drawtracers_firstperson "0" //Remove first person tracers, does not impact gameplay, just makes it easier to spray

// 12. Sound (optimized sound settings, does not affect your volume)
snd_hwcompat "0" //Enables "Advanced 3D Audio Processing"
snd_musicvolume_multiplier_inoverlay "0" // Disable music volume when Steam Overlay is active
voice_scale "0.4" //Turns down the volume of other players voice to 40%

// 13. Other
cl_use_opens_buy_menu "0" //Disables E from opening buy-menu, really useful
mm_dedicated_search_maxping "11" //Maxping Search in Matchmaking
func_break_max_pieces "0" //Less clutter from breaking vents (especially on Mirage)

// Shortcuts for popular commands in console (nice to use)
alias "d" "disconnect"
alias "q" "quit;exit"
alias "r" "retry"
alias "rs" "mp_restartgame 1"

// Jump Throw (For Smokes)
alias "+jumpthrow" "+jump;-attack"
alias "-jumpthrow" "-jump"
bind "mouse4" "+jumpthrow" //Bind to whatever you prefer (Default Mouse5)

bind "f1" "buy decoy; buy hegrenade; buy smokegrenade"
bind "f2" "buy hegrenade; buy smokegrenade; buy molotov; buy flashbang; buy defuser"


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