ForGamezCZ Config 7th of January config

ForGamezCZ Config 7th of January tf2 config settings download

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ForGamezCZ Config 7th of January config

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ForGamez config with improved settings.
ForGamezCZ Config 7th of January config is a tf2 config game file download. There are 542 Team Fortress 2 configs just like ForGamezCZ Config 7th of January tf2 cfg. Overall there are 554 tf2 game files for download. To upload your own tf2 game files, Team Fortress 2 game files, config game files or gaming files related to ForGamezCZ Config 7th of January config then please visit our Upload Gaming Files section. autoexec.cfg Is the file you will receive after downloading ForGamezCZ Config 7th of January Team Fortress 2 cfg.

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ForGamezCZ Config 7th of January tf2 in-game settings

Crosshair Size:Medium
Crosshair Color:Yellow

ForGamezCZ Config 7th of January tf2 config file

// When you install this autoexec for first time you need to put "exec autoexec.cfg" into console. After this you can use shortcut "ae".
// YouTube channel:

// Start
con_enable "1" // Allows the console to be activated.
sv_forcepreload "1" // Force server side preloading.
mat_quene_mode "-1" // The queue/thread mode the material system should use: -1=default, 0=synchronous single thread, 2=queued multithreaded.

// These commands can help you with random crashes
hud_reloadscheme // Fixes visual bugs.
dsp_reload // Fixes sound bugs.
snd_restart // Fixes sound bugs.

// HUD
cl_hud_playerclass_use_playermodel "1" // Enables playermodel on screen.
hud_saytext_time "12" // Chat won't disapper faster.
cl_vote_ui_active_after_voting "1" // Shows vote process after voting.
hud_achievement_count "0"
hud_achievement_glowtime "0"
hud_achievement_tracker "0"
hud_deathnotice_time "6" // Kill-feed won't disapper faster.
sv_motd_unload_on_dismissal "1" // The MOTD contents will be unloaded when the player closes the MOTD.
tf_backpack_page_button_delay "0.25" // Amount of time the mouse cursor needs to hover over the page button to select the page.

// Scoreboard
tf_scoreboard_mouse_mode "2" // Enables mouse in scoreboard.
bind "TAB" "+scoreboard"
alias +scoreboard "+showscores;net_graph 1;cl_showpos 1;net_graphtext 1;cl_showfps 1;net_graphproportionalfont 1"
alias -scoreboard "-showscores;net_graph 0;cl_showpos 0;net_graphtext 0;cl_showfps 0;net_graphproportionalfont 1"

// Scoreboard settings
net_graphmsecs "800" // The latency graph represents this many milliseconds.
net_graphheight "100"
net_graphpos "400"
net_graphproportionalfont "100"
net_graphshowinterp "1"
net_graphshowlatency "1"
net_graphsolid "1"
net_graphtext "1"

// Crosshair -
crosshair 1 // Enables crosshair.
cl_crosshair_file crosshair1 // Loads right crosshair file.
cl_crosshair_scale "32" // Medium size.
cl_crosshairalpha "255" // Makes crosshair more visible.
cl_crosshair_red 255 // Sets color for crosshair.
cl_crosshair_green 255 // Sets color for crosshair.
cl_crosshair_blue 0 // Sets color for crosshair.

// Viewmodel
viewmodel_fov "90" // Best viewmodel FOV.
r_drawviewmodel "1" // Makes your weapon visible.
fov_desired "90" // Highest FOV for TF2.
cl_flipviewmodels "0" // Doesn't flip weapons to left side.
tf_use_min_viewmodels "0" // Turns off minimal viewmodels.
viewmodel_fov_demo "90"

// Network settings
sv_client_min_interp_ratio "-1" // Allows cl_interp_ratio to be set at 0, or any other value.
cl_cmdrate "100" // Sets the max cmdrate of a server to your client automatically.
cl_updaterate "100" // Sets the max updaterate of a server to your client automatically.
cl_interp "0.02" // Set linear interpolation to 20ms.
cl_interp_all "0" // Enables interpolation list optimizations.
cl_interp_ratio "0" // cl_interp isn't what reduces delay the most, it's cl_interp_ratio.
cl_localnetworkbackdoor "0" // Network optimizations for singleplayer, higher FPS when at 0.
cl_lagcompensation "1" // Makes your game less laggy. DO NOT CHANGE THIS!
cl_pred_optimize "1" // Repredicts even if there were no errors.
cl_predict "1" // Skip waiting for server feedback and simulate client side movement in real-time.
cl_predictweapons "1" // Skip waiting for server feedback and perform client side prediction of weapon effects.
cl_smooth "0" // Prediction error smoothing.
cl_smoothtime "0.0455" // The default value of 0.1 is excessive, anything below 0.0455 is too little.
net_compresspackets "0" // Turn off packet compression, pretty much a useless delay nowadays.
net_compresspackets_minsize "1501" // Ensures no packets are compressed, the average MTU is 1500.
net_maxcleartime "0.01" // Less time for how long a packet can wait before being sent to the server.
net_maxpacketdrop "500" // Less time for how long a packet can be held before dropped.
net_splitpacket_maxrate "40000" // Use half of default rate for servers (80000 on average).
net_splitrate "4" // The number of fragments that are allowed to be sent per frame.
net_queued_packet_thread "581304" // Value for 'NET_QUEUED_PACKET_THREAD_DEBUG_VALUE', this forces all packets to be queued.
rate "1048576" // Sets the max rate of a server to your client automatically.
cl_timeout "9999" // You don't disconnect when you timeout.
cl_resend "6" // Retrying connection to the server.
cl_cmdrate +10 // Masks your ping, others can't see your real ping.
cl_allowdownload "1" // Allows downloading files.
voice_buffer_ms "50" // Makes voice chat better.

// Damage settings
hud_combattext 1 //
hud_combattext_batching 1 //
hud_combattext_batching_window 2 //
hud_combattext_healing 1
hud_combattext_doesnt_block_overhead_text 1 // Damage indicator doesn't block overhead text.
tf_dingalingaling "1" // Enables hitsound.
tf_dingaling_pitchmaxdmg "1"
tf_dingaling_pitchmindmg "255"
tf_dingaling_volume "1" // You can clearly hear hitsound.

// Spray settings
cl_playerspraydisable "0" // Enables sprays.
r_spray_lifetime "2" // Makes sprays lifetime.

// Decals
r_decals "2048" // Default.
mp_decals 200 // Default.

// Null-Movement script -
bind "w" "+mfwd" // Default "+forward"
bind "a" "+mleft" // Default "+moveleft"
bind "s" "+mback" // Default "+back"
bind "d" "+mright" // Default "+moveright"
alias +mfwd "-back;+forward;alias checkfwd +forward"
alias +mback "-forward;+back;alias checkback +back"
alias +mleft "-moveright;+moveleft;alias checkleft +moveleft"
alias +mright "-moveleft;+moveright;alias checkright +moveright"
alias -mfwd "-forward;checkback;alias checkfwd none"
alias -mback "-back;checkfwd;alias checkback none"
alias -mleft "-moveleft;checkright;alias checkleft none"
alias -mright "-moveright;checkleft;alias checkright none"
alias checkfwd none
alias checkback none
alias checkleft none
alias checkright none
alias none ""

// Sound
dsp_enhance_stereo "0" // Turns off delays on reverb channels.
snd_mixahead "0.05" // 50ms delay to keep the audio working as intended.
snd_mix_async "1" // Processes audio mixing asynchronized.
snd_async_fullyasync "1" // Processes audio playback asynchronized.
dsp_slow_cpu "1" // Turns off processing of dsp_room.
snd_pitchquality "0" // Turns off sound interpolation, which makes the audio quality higher.
snd_spatialize_roundrobin "4" // It spatializes only 4 channels per frame.
snd_delay_sound_shift "0.02" // Extra delay for resyncing delayed sounds.
snd_disable_mixer_duck "1" // Turns off processing of ducker volumes.
dsp_water "0" // Turns off audio distortion while being underwater.
phonemesnap "0" // Should disable the use of two phonemes.
snd_noextraupdate "1" // Prevents audio slowdown when at low framerates.
sv_voiceenable "1" // Enables voice-chat.
voice_scale "1" // Hear kids CRYING!
voice_loopback "0" // Do not hear yourself when you are talking.
volume "0.1" // Change this to your own.
snd_musicvolume "0" // Disables music.
snd_mute_losefocus "1" // Disables game sounds when you alt-tab.
voice_steal "2" // If there isn't a free channel, steal a channel with the least amount of time left to play.

// Mouse
sensitivity 5 // Change it to your own.
m_rawinput 1 // Bypasses Windows mouse filter. DO NOT CHANGE THIS!
m_pitch 0.022 // Mouse pitch factor.
m_yaw 0.022 // Mouse yaw factor.
m_filter "0" // Disables mouse filter.
m_customaccel "0" // Disables mouse acceleration.
m_mouseaccel1 "0" // Disables mouse acceleration.
m_mouseaccel2 "0" // Disables mouse acceleration.
m_mousespeed 0 // Disables Windows acceleration.
mat_vsync "0" // Force sync to vertical retrace. DO NOT CHANGE THIS.

// Graphics
// mat_dxlevel 95
// mat_phong "1"
r_3dsky "1"
muzzleflash_light "0"
Mat_Disable_Bloom "1" // Disables bloom.
mat_motion_blur_enabled "0" // Disables motion blur.
mat_colorcorrection "1" // Enables color-correction.
tf_particles_disable_weather "1" // Disables the drawing of weather particles.