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No BESAR Counter-Strike Global Offensive config description
BESAR config is a csgo config game file download. There are 3801 Counter-Strike Global Offensive configs just like BESAR csgo cfg. Overall there are 3859 csgo game files for download. To upload your own csgo game files, Counter-Strike Global Offensive game files, config game files or gaming files related to BESAR config then please visit our Upload Gaming Files section. autoexec.cfg Is the file you will receive after downloading BESAR Counter-Strike Global Offensive cfg.

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BESAR csgo in-game settings

Resolution:No BESAR Counter-Strike Global Offensive resolution found!
Crosshair Size:No BESAR Counter-Strike Global Offensive crosshair size found!
Sensitivity:No BESAR Counter-Strike Global Offensive sensitivity found!
Crosshair Color:No BESAR Counter-Strike Global Offensive crosshair color found!

BESAR csgo config file

cl_autowepswitch "0"
cl_bob_lower_amt "21"
cl_bobamt_lat "0.33"
cl_bobamt_vert "0.14"
cl_bobcycle "0.980000"
viewmodel_fov "68"
viewmodel_offset_x "2.500000"
viewmodel_offset_y "0"
viewmodel_offset_z "-1.500000"
viewmodel_presetpos "3"
viewmodel_recoil "0"

cl_crosshair_drawoutline "0"
cl_crosshair_dynamic_maxdist_splitratio "0"
cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitalpha_innermod "1.000000"
cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitalpha_outermod "0.3"
cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitdist "3"
cl_crosshair_outlinethickness "1"
cl_crosshair_sniper_show_normal_inaccuracy "0"
cl_crosshair_sniper_width "0"
cl_crosshair_t "0"
cl_crosshairalpha "255"
cl_crosshaircolor "5"
cl_crosshaircolor_b "0"
cl_crosshaircolor_g "255"
cl_crosshaircolor_r "0"
cl_crosshairdot "0"
cl_crosshairgap "-5"
cl_crosshairgap_useweaponvalue "0"
cl_crosshairscale "1000"
cl_crosshairsize "3"
cl_crosshairstyle "4"
cl_crosshairthickness "1"
cl_crosshairusealpha "1"

bind "MOUSE1" "+attack;r_cleardecals"
bind "shift" "+speed; r_cleardecals;
bind "CapsLock" "use weapon_hegrenade"
bind "MOUSE3" "use weapon_flashbang"
bind "MOUSE4" "use weapon_smokegrenade"
bind "q" "use weapon_incgrenade;use weapon_molotov"
bind "mwheeldown" +jump

alias "+jumpthrow" "+jump;-attack"
alias "-jumpthrow" "-jump"
bind "x" "+jumpthrow"

cl_disablehtmlmotd "1" // Disables The Servers Message of The Day.

cl_forcepreload "1" // Preloads The Whole Map & Sounds.

fps_max "999" // You Choose, i Use 999.

mat_queue_mode "2" // Forcing Your CPU To Use Multi-Threaded Mode.

r_drawtracers_firstperson "0" // Firstperson Tracers OFF.

r_eyegloss "0" // No Makeup.

r_eyemove "0" // No Eye Movement.

r_eyeshift_x "0" // No Eye Movement X-Angel.

r_eyeshift_y "0" // No Eye Movement Y-Angel.

r_eyeshift_z "0" // No Eye Movement Z-Angel.

r_eyesize "0" // Smaller Eyes.