qdbp config v1.3 config

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qdbp config v1.3 config

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qdbp config v1.3 ql config
No qdbp config v1.3 Quake Live config description
qdbp config v1.3 config is a ql config game file download. There are 91 Quake Live configs just like qdbp config v1.3 ql cfg. Overall there are 95 ql game files for download. To upload your own ql game files, Quake Live game files, config game files or gaming files related to qdbp config v1.3 config then please visit our Upload Gaming Files section. qdbp.cfg Is the file you will receive after downloading qdbp config v1.3 Quake Live cfg.

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qdbp config v1.3 ql in-game settings

Resolution:No qdbp config v1.3 Quake Live resolution found!
Crosshair Size:No qdbp config v1.3 Quake Live crosshair size found!
Sensitivity:No qdbp config v1.3 Quake Live sensitivity found!
Crosshair Color:No qdbp config v1.3 Quake Live crosshair color found!

qdbp config v1.3 ql config file

// qdbp

bind TAB "+scores"
bind SPACE "+moveup"
bind # "+button3"
bind ' "+acc"
bind * "+taunt"
bind + "sizeup"
bind 0 "say absinthe makes the heart grow fonder"
bind 1 "weapon 1"
bind 2 "weapon 2"
bind 3 "vote yes all"
bind 4 "vote yes all"
bind 5 "weapon 5"
bind 6 "weapon 6"
bind 7 "weapon 7"
bind 8 "say you know who the master is, bitch il leave qdbp tagged on your ass with jizz"
bind 9 "say qdbp.co.za)"
bind = "vstr _qlping_output"
bind [ "seta _qlrd_announce 0; seta _qlrd_announce 1;"
bind \ "seta _qlping_refresh 0; seta _qlping_refresh 1;"
bind ] "vstr _qlrd_output"
bind _ "sizedown"
bind a "+moveleft"
bind c "weapon 4"
bind d "+moveright"
bind e "weapon 6"
bind f "weapon 8"
bind g "dropweapon"
bind h "+chat"
bind k "cv shuffle"
bind m "allready"
bind o "vote y all"
bind p "vote no all"
bind q "weapon 5"
bind r "weapon 7"
bind s "+back"
bind t "messagemode"
bind u "messagemode5"
bind v "weapon 4"
bind w "+forward"
bind x "weapon 3"
bind y "messagemode2"
bind PAUSE "+movedown"
bind UPARROW "^8qdbp"
bind DOWNARROW "dqpb"
bind LEFTARROW "say ^7O)_(O"
bind RIGHTARROW "say O)_(O"
bind CTRL "+movedown"
bind SHIFT "+speed"
bind END "disconnect"
bind F1 "vote yes"
bind F2 "vote no"
bind F3 "readyup"
bind F11 "screenshotJPEG"
bind F12 "+acc"
bind KP_PGUP "+acc"
bind KP_PGDN "+acc"
bind MOUSE1 "+attack"
bind MOUSE2 "+movedown"
bind MOUSE3 "weapon 14"
bind MOUSE4 "say hail satan"
bind MOUSE5 "say O)_(O"
bind MOUSE6 "say hail satan"
bind MWHEELDOWN "+button2"
bind MWHEELUP "+button2"


alias pending "set GM_qlfc_pending 1"
alias clans "set GM_qlfc_clans 1"
alias invited "set GM_qlfc_invited 1"
alias friends "set GM_qlfc_friends 1"
alias qlrdAnnounce "seta _qlrd_announce 0; seta _qlrd_announce 1;"
alias qlrdChangeOutput "vstr _qlrd_output"
alias qlrdDisplayGamesCompleted "seta _gamescomp 0; seta _gamescomp 1;"
alias qlrdShuffle "seta _