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d0ma cfg config

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A optimized cfg for the hl2dm competitive gaming environment ,public release still working on Next versions
d0ma cfg config is a hl2 config game file download. There are 21 Half-Life 2 configs just like d0ma cfg hl2 cfg. Overall there are 25 hl2 game files for download. To upload your own hl2 game files, Half-Life 2 game files, config game files or gaming files related to d0ma cfg config then please visit our Upload Gaming Files section. autoexec.cfg Is the file you will receive after downloading d0ma cfg Half-Life 2 cfg.

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d0ma cfg hl2 in-game settings

Crosshair Size:Medium
Crosshair Color:Yellow

d0ma cfg hl2 config file

d0ma Hl2dm First public release;Most of the commands are here was tested by myself,others were removed on this release as i think it could make bad visual into your hl2dm graphics,I am still testing some settings Hope you get better gameplay after using ,it Much thx ,any doubt you can contact my
http://steamcommunity.com/id/d0ma/ Jut MINO,GL!
Realy RENEMBER to put +exec autoexec.cfg in launch options///

bind "TAB" "+showscores"
bind "ESCAPE" "cancelselect"
bind "SPACE" "+jump"
bind "MOUSE3" ; use weapon_stunstick;use weapon_crowbar"
bind "MWHEELUP"; use weapon_357"
bind "v"; use weapon_smg1"
bind "MOUSE4"; use weapon_ar2"
bind "f" ; use weapon_frag"
bind "n" ; use weapon_SLAM"
bind "`" "toggleconsole"
bind "a" "+moveleft"
bind "c" "+duck"
bind "d" "+moveright"
bind "q" ; phys_swap"
bind "g" "lastinv"
bind "k" "+voicerecord"
bind "l" "impulse 100"
bind "m" "+use"
bind "MWHEELDOWN"; use weapon_crossbow"
bind "r" "+reload"
bind "s" "+back"
bind "t" "impulse 201"
bind "u" "messagemode2"
bind "MOUSE5" ; use weapon_shotgun"
bind "w" "+forward"
bind "y" "messagemode"
bind "4" ; use weapon_pistol"
bind "ALT" "+walk"
bind "SHIFT" "+speed"
bind "F5" "jpeg"
bind "b" ; use weapon_rpg"
bind "CTRL" "+duck"
bind "MOUSE1" "+attack"
bind "MOUSE2" "+attack2"
bind "PAUSE" "pause"
bind "*" "say ns"
bind "[" "jointeam 2"
bind "p" "jointeam 2"
bind "o" "spectate"
bind "]" "jointeam 3"
net_graph 0
net_graphpos 2
cl_downloadfilter "nosounds"
bind "F2" "say thetime"
bind "F3" "nextmap"
bind "F4" "timeleft"
bind "c" "toggle_zoom"

bind "\" "snd_restart"
bind "KP_END" "name EpicStart"
bind "KP_DOWNARROW" "name nvM."
bind "KP_PGDN" "name Aural"
bind "KP_LEFTARROW" "name phemn"
bind "KP_5" "name MINO"
bind "KP_RIGHTARROW" "name jail"
bind "KP_HOME" "name orphan"
bind "KP_UPARROW" "name ).("
bind "KP_PGUP" "name k.0.!"
bind "KP_INS" "explode"
bind "KP_DEL" "say continue"
bind "KP_ENTER" "say :)"
bind "KP_PLUS" "say run!!!"
bind "KP_MINUS" "say eXcellent"
bind "KP_SLASH" "lol"
bind "x" "+zoom"
volume 0.4
fps_max "500"
cl_updaterate "102"
cl_cmdrate ""102"
rate "35000"
cl_showpos 0
cl_autowepswitch "0"


mat_monitorgamma 1.6
mat_filterlightmaps 0
cl_defaultweapon weapon_frag
violence_hblood 1
mat_fastspecular 0
mat_bufferprimitives 0
mat_bumpmap 0
mat_specular 0
cl_ejectbrass 0
r_worldlights 2
r_shadows 0
mat_disable_bloom 1
r_3dsky 0
r_dynamic 0
mat_dxlevel 80
muzzleflash_light 0
cl_show_splashes 0
r_drawdetailprops 0
lod_TransitionDist 2000
cl_detailfade 2000
mat_filterlightmaps 1
mat_filtertextures 1
mat_mipmaptextures 1
mat_softwarelighting 1
r_decal_cullsize 1
r_drawmodeldecals 0
r_occlusion 0
sv_robust_explosions 0
r_shadowmaxrendered 0
mat_reducefillrate 1
mat_reduceparticles 1
nb_shadow_dist 0
r_particle_sim_spike_threshold_ms 0
ragdoll_sleepaftertime 3
mat_disable_lightwarp 1
mat_picmip 0
mat_forceaniso "2"
mat_trilinear 0
r_renderoverlayfragment 0
r_drawflecks 0
r_rootlod 2
r_decals 0
mp_decals 0
zoom_sensitivity_ratio 1.4
r_spray_lifetime 0
cl_playerspraydisable 1
cl_rumblescale 0
crosshair 1
smoke_trail 0
mat_antialias 6
mat_diffuse 0
mat_clipz 0
mat_shadowstate 0
mat_levelflush 0
mp_usehwmvcds -1
mp_usehwmmodels -1
r_lod 2
mat_disable_d3d9ex 1
blink_duration 0
mat_debugdepthval 0
mat_debugdepthvalmax 0
r_dopixelvisibility 0
r_drawbatchdecals 0

FAcial Manipůlation//

r_teeth 0
r_flex 0
r_eyes 0
cl_playermodel models/humans/Group03/female_06.mdl

SEt lowest settings for lcd monitors//it could be really bright*

mat_monitorgamma 2.2
mat_monitorgamma_tv_enabled 1
mat_monitorgamma_tv_exp 3.8
mat_monitorgamma_tv_range_max 200
mat_monitorgamma_tv_range_min -18

collision_shake_amp 0

collision_shake_freq 0

collision_shake_time 0