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Spiritz config is a jkja config game file download. There are 132 Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy configs just like Spiritz jkja cfg. Overall there are 132 jkja game files for download. To upload your own jkja game files, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game files, config game files or gaming files related to Spiritz config then please visit our Upload Gaming Files section. Spiritz.cfg Is the file you will receive after downloading Spiritz Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy cfg.

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Spiritz jkja in-game settings

Resolution:No Spiritz Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy resolution found!
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Spiritz jkja config file

// generated by Star Wars Jedi Academy MP, do not modify
bind CTRL "+speed"
bind ALT "+altattack"
bind TAB "+scores"
bind KP_MINUS "model jedi_hm/head_a1|model_siege|lower_a1; echo ^1Hollowman ^2activated^1!"
bind KP_INS "vote yes"
bind KP_HOME "voice_cmd def_guns"
bind SPACE "+moveup"
bind - "screenshot"
bind / "screenshot"
bind 0 "say ^7There are some things in this world better off not knowing...this is one of them."
bind 1 "weapon 1"
bind 6 "weapon 6"
bind 7 "weapon 7"
bind 8 "weapon 8"
bind 9 "name ^5[^7nTw^5]^7^^0Spiritz"
bind = "name ^6^^0neT^7work^6.^7Spirit^6z"
bind A "+moveleft"
bind C "+movedown"
bind D "+moveright"
bind E "say_team ^5Hes Low!"
bind F "say_team ^7Alert"
bind J "flourish"
bind K "engage_duel"
bind M "automap_toggle"
bind N "bow"
bind P "cg_thirdperson !"
bind Q "say_team ^5Watch Out!"
bind S "+back"
bind T "messagemode2"
bind U "messagemode3"
bind W "+forward"
bind X "say_team ^7Low"
bind Y "messagemode"
bind Z "say ^7:)"
bind [ "rconpassword opium"
bind \ "force_forcepowerother"
bind ` "toggleconsole"
bind ~ "toggleconsole"
bind DEL "bow"
bind MOUSE1 "+attack"
bind MOUSE2 "+moveup; wait 4; -moveup"
bind HOME "flourish"
bind PGUP "kill"
bind F10 "r_Gamma 2.2"
bind F11 "r_gamma 2.2"
bind END "gloat"
bind PGDN "meditate"
bind MOUSE3 "saberAttackCycle"
bind MOUSE4 "taunt"
bind UPARROW "+forward"
bind DOWNARROW "+back"
bind LEFTARROW "+left"
bind RIGHTARROW "+right"
bind KP_STAR "voice_cmd req_medic"
seta ui_r_glCustom "4"
seta cg_thirdPerson "0"
seta cg_drawGun "1"
seta cg_zoomfov "40.0"
seta cg_fov "100"
seta cg_stereoSeparation "0.4"
seta cg_renderToTextureFX "1"
seta cg_draw2D "1"
seta cg_drawStatus "1"
seta cg_drawTimer "1"
seta cg_drawFPS "1"
seta cg_drawSnapshot "0"
seta cg_draw3dIcons "1"
seta cg_drawIcons "1"
seta cg_drawAmmoWarning "0"
seta cg_drawEnemyInfo "1"
seta cg_drawRadar "1"
seta cg_drawVehLeadIndicator "1"
seta cg_drawScores "1"
seta cg_dynamicCrosshair "0"
seta cg_dynamicCrosshairPrecision "1"
seta cg_drawRewards "1"
seta cg_crosshairSize "0"
seta cg_crosshairHealth "0"
seta cg_crosshairX "0"
seta cg_crosshairY "0"
seta cg_simpleItems "0"
seta cg_lagometer "1"
seta cg_runpitch "0.000"
seta cg_runroll "0.000"
seta cg_bobup "0.000"
seta cg_bobpitch "0.000"
seta cg_bobroll "0.000"
seta cg_footsteps "3"
seta r_autoMapX "496"
seta r_autoMapY "32"
seta r_autoMapW "128"
seta r_autoMapH "128"
seta cg_chatBox "10000"
seta cg_chatBoxHeight "350"
seta cg_dismember "0"
seta cg_forceModel "0"
seta cg_deferPlayers "1"
seta cg_drawTeamOverlay "1"
seta cg_drawFriend "1"
seta cg_teamChatsOnly "0"
seta cg_currentSelectedPlayer "0"
seta cg_currentSelectedPlayerName ""
seta ui_recordSPDemoName ""
seta cg_cameraOrbitDelay "50"
seta cg_scorePlums "1"
seta cg_hudFiles "ui/jahud.txt"
seta cg_smoothClients "1"
seta cg_noTaunt "0"
seta cg_noProjectileTrail "0"
seta cg_snapshotTimeout "10"
seta cm_playerCurveClip "1"
seta fx_countScale "1"
seta fx_nearCull "16"
seta g_fov "10"
seta g_locationbaseddamage "1"
seta cg_saberEntMarks "0"
seta cg_drawbreath "1"
seta r_vertexlighting "1"
seta r_dynamiclighting "0"
seta g_password "notforyou"
seta g_motd "^7Welcome to ^4dev^7s Server^4."
seta disable_item_medpak_instant "0"
seta cp_login "NOT SET"
seta cp_clanPwd "none"
seta cp_sbRGB1 "0"
seta cp_sbRGB2 "0"
seta saber "kyle"
seta color "1"
seta g_forcepowerdiable "163837"
seta g_forcedisablePowerDisable "163837"
seta com_hunkMegs "384"
seta cg_brassTime "0"
seta cg_gibs "0"
seta cg_drawattacker "0"
seta r_ignoreFastpath "0"
seta r_picmip2 "0"
seta g_autoBanTKSpammers "0"
seta g_autoKickTKSpammers "0"
seta g_autoBanKillSpammers "0"
seta g_autoKickKillSpammers "0"
seta g_vehAutoAimLead "0"
seta g_allowTeamVote "1"
seta displayrefresh "85"
seta _displayrefresh "85"
seta cp_altDimAlpha "40"
seta cp_pluginDisable "0"
seta nping "vstr ping2"
seta pping "vstr ping1"
seta setping "vstr .extralow"
seta ping1 "set setping vstr .extralow;set nping vstr ping2;set pping vstr ping1;set validate vstr .extralowVAL;echo;echo Ping Selected :;echo Extra ^3low"
seta ping2 "set setping vstr .verylow;set nping vstr ping3;set pping vstr ping1;set validate vstr .verylowVAL;echo;echo Ping Selected :;echo Very ^3low"
seta ping3 "set setping vstr low;set nping vstr ping4;set pping vstr ping2;set validate vstr lowVAL;echo;echo Ping Selected :;echo ^3Low"
seta ping4 "set setping vstr normal;set nping vstr ping5;set pping vstr ping3;set validate vstr normalVAL;echo;echo Ping Selected :;echo ^2Normal"
seta ping5 "set setping vstr hight;set nping vstr ping6;set pping vstr ping4;set validate vstr hightVAL;echo;echo Ping Selected :;echo ^1Hight"
seta ping6 "set setping vstr .veryhight;set nping vstr ping7;set pping vstr ping5;set validate vstr .veryhightVAL;echo;echo Ping Selected :;echo Very ^1hight"
seta ping7 "set setping vstr .extrahight;set nping vstr ping7;set pping vstr ping6;set validate vstr .extrahightVAL;echo;echo Ping Selected :;echo Extra ^1hight"
seta .extralow "snaps 175;cl_maxpackets 8"
seta .verylow "snaps 40;cl_maxpackets 10"
seta low "snaps 25;cl_maxpackets 15"
seta normal "snaps 16;cl_maxpackets 30"
seta hight "snaps 10;cl_maxpackets 35"
seta .veryhight "snaps 5;cl_maxpackets 45"
seta .extrahight "snaps 3;cl_maxpackets 50"
seta .extrahightVAL "echo;Echo Ping as been correctly setted as : Extra ^1Hight;echo"
seta .veryhightVAL "echo;Echo Ping as been correctly setted as : Very ^1Hight;echo"
seta hightVAL "echo;Echo Ping as been correctly setted as : ^1Hight;echo"
seta normalVAL "echo;Echo Ping as been correctly setted as : ^2Normal;echo"
seta lowVAL "echo;Echo Ping as been correctly setted as : ^3Low;echo"
seta .verylowVAL "echo;Echo Ping as been correctly setted as : Very ^3Low;echo"
seta .extralowVAL "echo;Echo Ping as been correctly setted as : Extra ^3Low;echo"
seta g_map_pk3name ""
seta g_map_url ""
seta g_instagib "0"
seta g_chatTokens "1"
seta g_novoteswitch "1"
seta ui_selectedHolsterIndex "-1"
seta ui_sbBlue2 "0"
seta ui_sbGreen2 "0"
seta ui_sbRed2 "0"
seta ui_sbBlue1 "0"
seta ui_sbGreen1 "-6.937500"
seta ui_sbRed1 "0"
seta g_powerDuelEndHealth "90"
seta g_powerDuelStartHealth "150"
seta g_austrian "0"
seta g_siegeTeam2 "none"
seta g_siegeTeam1 "none"
seta g_npcspskill "0"
seta g_saberDmgDelay_Wound "0"
seta g_saberDmgDelay_Idle "350"
seta g_saberDmgVelocityScale "0"
seta g_timeouttospec "70"
seta g_dismember "0"
seta g_allowVote "0"
seta g_siegeRespawn "20"
seta g_filterBan "1"
seta g_banIPs ""
seta g_statLogFile "statlog.log"
seta g_statLog "0"
seta g_logSync "0"
seta g_log "games.log"
seta g_teamForceBalance "0"
seta g_teamAutoJoin "0"
seta g_friendlySaber "0"
seta g_friendlyFire "0"
seta g_fraglimitVoteCorrection "1"
seta g_allowDuelSuicide "1"
seta g_weaponDisable "524279"
seta g_forcePowerDisable "155581"
seta g_spawnInvulnerability "3000"
seta g_forceRegenTime "0"
seta g_saberDamageScale "1"
seta g_slowmoDuelEnd "0"
seta g_logClientInfo "0"
seta g_saberTraceSaberFirst "0"
seta g_saberLockFactor "2"
seta g_autoMapCycle "0"
seta g_jediVmerc "0"
seta g_maxGameClients "0"
seta cg_trueLightning "0.0"
seta g_redTeam "Empire"
seta g_blueTeam "Rebellion"
seta cl_anonymous "0"
seta ui_tourney_fraglimit "0"
seta ui_tourney_timelimit "15"
seta server1 ""
seta server2 ""
seta server3 ""
seta server4 ""
seta server5 ""
seta server6 ""
seta server7 ""
seta server8 ""
seta server9 ""
seta server10 ""
seta server11 ""
seta server12 ""
seta server13 ""
seta server14 ""
seta server15 ""
seta server16 ""
seta ui_teamName "Empire"
seta cg_repeaterOrb "1"
seta cg_auraShell "1"
seta cg_speedTrail "0"
seta cg_saberTrail "1"
seta cg_nopredict "0"
seta g_synchronousClients "0"
seta cg_saberContact "1"
seta net_socksPassword ""
seta net_socksUsername ""
seta net_socksPort "1080"
seta net_socksServer ""
seta net_socksEnabled "0"
seta net_forcenonlocal "0"
seta net_noipx "1"
seta net_noudp "0"
seta ui_serverStatusTimeOut "7000"
seta g_warmup "20"
seta ui_recordSPDemo "0"
seta ui_findPlayer "shox"
seta ui_scoreShutoutBonus "0"
seta ui_scoreSkillBonus "0"
seta ui_scoreTimeBonus "0"
seta ui_scoreTime "00:00"
seta ui_scoreBase "0"
seta ui_scoreTeam "0 to 0"
seta ui_scorePerfect "