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No ExTazii.cfg Counter-Strike 1.6 config description
ExTazii.cfg config is a cs config game file download. There are 8585 Counter-Strike 1.6 configs just like ExTazii.cfg cs cfg. Overall there are 8976 cs game files for download. To upload your own cs game files, Counter-Strike 1.6 game files, config game files or gaming files related to ExTazii.cfg config then please visit our Upload Gaming Files section. ExTazii.cfg.cfg Is the file you will receive after downloading ExTazii.cfg Counter-Strike 1.6 cfg.

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ExTazii.cfg cs in-game settings

Resolution:No ExTazii.cfg Counter-Strike 1.6 resolution found!
Crosshair Size:No ExTazii.cfg Counter-Strike 1.6 crosshair size found!
Sensitivity:No ExTazii.cfg Counter-Strike 1.6 sensitivity found!
Crosshair Color:No ExTazii.cfg Counter-Strike 1.6 crosshair color found!

ExTazii.cfg cs config file

// generated by Call of Duty, do not modify
bind TAB "+scores"
bind ESCAPE "togglemenu"
bind SPACE "+gostand"
bind 1 "weapnext"
bind 2 "weapnext"
bind 4 "+smoke"
bind 5 "say ^6STOP ^7FANBOI"
bind 6 "say SUPER IGRAS^1!!!!!"
bind 7 "say nobisimo"
bind ` "toggleconsole"
bind A "+moveleft"
bind B "+binoculars"
bind C "gocrouch"
bind D "+moveright"
bind E "+leanright"
bind F "+activate"
bind G "+frag"
bind P "say Evidentno Je (^1c^7) Goran Vlaovic"
bind Q "+leanleft"
bind R "+reload"
bind S "+back"
bind T "chatmodepublic"
bind V "mp_QuickMessage"
bind W "+forward"
bind X "openscriptmenu ingame changeweapon"
bind Y "chatmodeteam"
bind Z "+talk"
bind ~ "toggleconsole"
bind PAUSE "toggle cl_paused"
bind CTRL "goprone"
bind SHIFT "+melee_breath"
bind F1 "vote yes"
bind F2 "vote no"
bind F4 "+scores"
bind F12 "screenshotJPEG"
bind MOUSE1 "+attack"
bind MOUSE2 "toggleads"
bind MOUSE3 "+frag"
seta ai_badpathspam "0"
seta ai_corpseCount "10"
seta ai_debugCoverSelection "0"
seta ai_debugThreatSelection "0"
seta ai_ShowCanshootChecks "0"
seta ai_showClaimedNode "0"
seta ai_showRegion "0"
seta bot_enable "0"
seta bot_nochat "1"
seta cg_altGrenades "1"
seta cg_altlightning "0"
seta cg_altplasma "1"
seta cg_ammoCheck "0"
seta cg_animspeed "0"
seta cg_autoAction "0"
seta cg_autodemo "0"
seta cg_autoscreenshot "0"
seta cg_autoswitch "0"
seta cg_blood "1"
seta cg_bobAmplitudeDucked "0.0075"
seta cg_bobAmplitudeProne "0.03"
seta cg_bobAmplitudeStanding "0.007"
seta cg_bobMax "8"
seta cg_bobpitch "0"
seta cg_bobroll "0"
seta cg_bobup "0.005"
seta cg_brass "0"
seta cg_brasstime "0"
seta cg_cameraOrbitDelay "50"
seta cg_centerPrintY "-60"
seta cg_chatbeep "0"
seta cg_chatHeight "8"
seta cg_chatTime "12000"
seta cg_clientLog "0"
seta cg_connectionIconSize "0"
seta cg_crosshairAlpha "1"
seta cg_crosshairAlphaMin "0"
seta cg_crosshairDynamic "0"
seta cg_crosshairEnemyColor "1"
seta cg_crosshairFriendRGBA "1,0,0,1"
seta cg_crosshairGrow "0"
seta cg_crosshairHealth "1"
How to install ExTazii.cfg config
1. Download ExTazii.cfg.cfg by clicking the download button.

2. (Extract and) copy file(s) into your Counter-Strike 1.6 folder (Example: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\[account]\counter-strike\cstrike).

3. Launch the game and type in "exec configname.cfg" in console to load the config or make sure to add "exec autoexec.cfg", "exec userconfig.cfg" or "exec ExTazii.cfg.cfg" to your config.cfg file in your Counter-strike 1.6 folder.