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NameFile typeGameCountryDownloads
diGiTaL aim configcs configsCounter-Strike 1.6unknown9607
cs_bloodstrike mapcs mapsCounter-Strike 1.6unknown8075
de_rats_1337 mapcscz mapsCounter-Strike Condition Zerounknown6683
awp_iceworld mapcscz mapsCounter-Strike Condition Zerounknown5421
fy_snow mapcss mapsCounter-Strike Sourceunknown4940
zm_assault_attack mapcs mapsCounter-Strike 1.6unknown4488
fy_iceworld mapcs mapsCounter-Strike 1.6unknown4308
sniper_uk mapcscz mapsCounter-Strike Condition Zerounknown4273
32_aztecworld mapcscz mapsCounter-Strike Condition Zerounknown4132
zm_dust2 mapcs mapsCounter-Strike 1.6unknown3470
fy_poolparty mapcs mapsCounter-Strike 1.6unknown3373
de_tuscan mapcs mapsCounter-Strike 1.6unknown3263
fy_pool_day mapcs mapsCounter-Strike 1.6unknown3130
cs_assault_1337 mapcs mapsCounter-Strike 1.6unknown2765
aim_headshot2_cz mapcscz mapsCounter-Strike Condition Zerounknown2560
cs_deathmatch mapcs mapsCounter-Strike 1.6unknown2525
surf_ski_2 mapcss mapsCounter-Strike Sourceunknown2473
awp_india mapcss mapsCounter-Strike Sourceunknown2422
dm_spacelab43 mapcscz mapsCounter-Strike Condition Zerounknown2341
de_dust3 mapcss mapsCounter-Strike Sourceunknown2267
cs_mansion mapcss mapsCounter-Strike Sourceunknown2254
ka_xtremejumping mapcs mapsCounter-Strike 1.6unknown2212
bkz_goldbhop mapcs mapsCounter-Strike 1.6unknown2167
he_tennis mapcss mapsCounter-Strike Sourceunknown2049
Frag eXecutors 1.0 guics guisCounter-Strike 1.6unknown2010

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There are 2035 game files with country unknown. The newest unknown country game file download is 1.5 knife. hns_ytt_city is our random unknown country game file where diGiTaL aim is the most downloaded unknown country game file out of all unknown country game files hosted by gamingcfg. To upload your own unknown country game files visit our Upload Gaming Files section.

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