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Top 10 aion configs

NameFile TypeGameCountryDownloads
SteaM configaion configsAionmongolia825
Best CFG for aim configaion configsAionafghanistan367
admin configaion configsAionalbania350
SWAT configaion configsAionmongolia187
Titan configaion configsAionalbania163
Che9 configaion configsAionukraine160
Shooter configaion configsAionindia118
lioN CFG 2013 configaion configsAionafghanistan107 configaion configsAionafghanistan99
superman configaion configsAionalbania95

Top 10 newest aion configs

NameFile TypeGameCountryDownloads
Reidann TOP CFG configaion configsAionafghanistan9
vikaDDD configaion configsAionafghanistan1
sYnced cfg configaion configsAionafghanistan2
James Bigzy Potter configaion configsAionafghanistan3
aim.cfg configaion configsAionalbania18
fabE configaion configsAionafghanistan0
rtakecfg configaion configsAionafghanistan2
samer configaion configsAionafghanistan1
6aaGii configaion configsAionafghanistan0
RICHUZ configaion configsAionafghanistan2

Summary aion configs

There are 376 aion configs downloads. The most popular one of all the aion configs is SteaM where Reidann TOP CFG is the newest aion config. To upload your own aion configs please visit our Upload Gaming Files section.
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